Angela Estate was founded in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA in 2006 by Antony Beck. Building on a family legacy of winegrowing that started at Graham Beck Winery in South Africa, Beck and winemaker, Alban Debeaulieu focus on making provocative, world-class wines that will endure.


Antony Beck is a husband, father and businessman who loves Pinot Noir. The Becks own the world-renowned wineries Graham Beck and  Steenberg Vineyards in South Africa with vineyards planted by his father in 1984. His passion for Pinot led him to Oregon and cultivated his friendship with founding winemaker Ken Wright. Beck feels that Oregon is the best place in the U.S. to produce world-class Pinot noir. He named the winery after his wife and partner of more than 25 years, Angela.




Angela Beck is a successful business woman who began her company, Pomegranate in 1995. Pomegranate specializes in apparel, textiles and accessories. She and Antony reside in Lexington, KY and share five beautiful, talented children.




Alban Debeaulieu leads the evolution of Angela Estate, producing an exacting style of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that is full of life and expressive of the vineyards where they are grown. Alban was born in the Loire Valley of France. He studied agronomics and viticulture in French Catalonia for two years before moving to Burgundy to further his studies. For the three years that followed he lived in both Dijon and Beaune completing a Bachelor in viticulture and a Master’s in winemaking & Enology while working harvests in Beaujolais as well as for the Drouhin family in Burgundy.

In 2013, Alban moved to Oregon to work a second harvest at Domaine Drouhin Oregon, then took a position as assistant winemaker at White Rose Estate. In 2016, Alban joined Chapter 24 Vineyards and 00 Wines as winemaker before arriving at Angela Estate in May, 2017.


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Kristin directs the daily business operations at Angela Estate including marketing,  direct sales channels and strategic planning. Before joining Angela Estate in 2019, Kristin worked alongside her father for 13 years at Oregon’s Montinore Estate, responsible for its sales, marketing, and day-to-day operations. Montinore earned Demeter Biodynamic certification on its entire 230-acre estate and Kristin worked to increase awareness of biodynamic farming and regenerative agriculture. Born and raised on a winery, Kristin brings a lifetime of winery experience and an innate commitment to quality.  kristin@angelaestate.com




Emma Beck joined the Angela Estate team in January of 2018 assisting with marketing work all over the world.






Founding winemaker, Ken Wright met Antony Beck at a charity event in Lexington, Kentucky through a mutual friend, Rob Rosenstein. The auction and event were held at nearby thoroughbred horse farm (Gainesway), owned and operated by Antony and Angela Beck. The auction and the introduction were a success. The Becks and the Wrights made fast friends and a discussion about a project in Oregon was forged.

Beck had fallen in love with Pinot Noir with his South African winery, Graham Beck. Started by his father, the winery had specialized in making Pinot Noir into sparkling wine on that side of the world. He hoped to make an equally magnificent still wine on the other side. Oregon proved to be the ideal location for Beck.

Rosenstein and Beck decided to invest in a venture. “Our intention was then is as it is now: to make the best wine in Oregon, with the best fruit and the best winemaker,” said Beck. The duo purchased the land that was to become known as the Clawson Creek vineyard, located on Savannah Ridge directly beneath Abbott Claim vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Under the watchful eye of vineyard manager, Mark Gould and winemaker, Ken Wright, the first 21 acres were planted in 2006. The remaining 13 acres were planted in 2007. The winery was named “Angela” in honor of Beck’s wife and “Clawson Creek Vineyard” in honor of Rosenstein’s.  In 2010, the winery and the vineyard names changed exclusively to “Angela Estate.”