Products from Oregon terroir prove to be the best pairings with Angela Estate wines. We worked with the Executive Director of the Oregon Cheese Guild, Katie Bray, to find just the right pairings for our wines with Oregon cheeses. Cheers!

Part of our range of “Clone Series” Pinot Noirs intended to lend insight into the toolkit winemakers can call upon when blending Pinot Noir, Dijon 115 emerges as one of the most compelling to stand on its own. We have just 10 acres of Dijon 115 planted, illustrating the breadth and range of this selection


Clothbound Cheddar is a rare tradition for American cheesemakers. Fresh cheese is molded, wrapped in cloth bandages and dipped in butter made from the same milk that goes into the cheese vats. After a minimum of 13 months in a carefully controlled, cave environment, Face Rock’s clothbound cheddar presents with a rich and exquisitely flakey texture that delivers a nutty, complex flavor.

Face Rock Creamery is a young, Award-Winning cheddar creamery in Bandon, Oregon on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast. Founded in May 2013, Face Rock Creamery has been gaining national acclaim and followers with its wonderful handmade cheeses.